Saturday, August 18, 2007

110MB of competition for Vinny Lingham?

Is Vinny Lingham onto something with his virtual hosting at Synthasite? With a track record that includes IncuBeta [R25m from Mark Shuttleworht's HBD], chances are its not all pie-in-the-sky.

It's great to see them leading the way in the technology testing battlefield here locally, taking off with Amazon's EC2. Besides that, the guys know how to choose server names too!

Enter the concept of 110MB, currently featured on KillerStartups' Top 10 listing. According to the write-up, its not just free, but feature rich too. This could be a powerful tool for leveraging small businesses through the roof, and we should start playing with it too.

Now all we need to do is get more of our population online [Paris set an amazing global example! How can we do this here?] and get lower cost technology to really speed up the process. Perhaps once Gautrain is done?

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