Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creativity + business = explosive growth

This blog by Elaine Rumboll is fascinating [visually stunning too!] as it recounts the process of teaching business to creatives.

It's fascinating for me because I spend a fair amount of time in a creative environment, and every day I am strategically being challenged to balance the business side of business with the creative side of creativity [does that make any sense whatsoever].

I think that this is one of the [as yet only partially discovered] secrets to immense growth - allowing the creative spirit to run free [more or less] and then maximising its impact from a business angle. Something which many have tried and very few have succeeded at so far.

My experience is also that it is an incredibly difficult balancing act [from the business side]. If the posts in the blog are anything to go by, its just as difficult from that side too.

Very, very interesting...

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