Friday, August 24, 2007

Is it better to hire a chicken or a pig? [and you can vote]

As the old joke goes, a chicken is involved in producing eggs, but a pig is committed to making bacon. Interestingly though, the chicken is [perfectly qualified to and] highly capable of producing eggs ad infinitum, but the pig's capability is, shall we say, restricted to only producing bacon once.

The question I would like to ask is "Would you rather hire someone who is 50% committed and 100% capable, or someone who is 100% committed and 50% capable?" [for these purposes, capability meaning adequately trained and skilled to do their job]

My answer? You can "teach" capability, you can't teach commitment.

What do you think?

[Please feel free to use the poll alongside - lets see how well it works - I'll publish the final results once its done]

Bottom line is, without commitment everything else is pointless -> if this is a critical entrepreneurial characteristic for starting a business (which this interesting article by SA's resident tycoon suggests is true), then how much more do you need it from employees, to whom you trust the business you have built with blood, sweat, tears, passion [a key ingredient for commitment] and heaps of faith?

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