Sunday, August 5, 2007

Let's explore some awesome ideas...

A great place to share ideas and stretch your imagination -> The OutThink discussion forum

This is meant to be an exciting, CREATIVE place. Please feel free to
share any ideas or comments...

This forum has one main purpose:
in the hope that through sharing, discussing and debating big and
small ideas, some will lead to action and will change a life... or
perhaps even more.

What ideas can be discussed - anything constructive! Whether it be
ideas for a small business, ideas for improving an individual's
lifestyle or huge ideas that will change the world.

So please contribute - your ideas are worth unbelievably more than you
or I could ever imagine!

What's the big idea?

Please read this post to get a better idea of what this is -> collaborative business model engineering

Please note that this forum is set up within Google Groups and access is "restricted" [see below] to members, so you need to be registered to access it and contribute [this is a fairly quick process, so please don't let it put you off - it will be worthwhile!]

Why a member's only forum?

This is not an open group, for
several reasons:

1. In anticipation of some great ideas being built and shared here, it
would not be right nor fair to have them immediately available on the
public domain. There should be a certain level of freedom to really
get stuck into good discussions and detail where necessary, and this
is intended to provide a suitable foundation for this.

2. Networking - members are invited here for a specific reason and all
have specific skills which could be invaluable to ideas shared. Good relationships should hopefully also develop from discussions held in this forum.

3. Members can invite other members to join here, so if you know
anyone who would want to contribute and take part, please do so.

4. This is not an "exclusive" group by any means. This structure just helps to make sure that people posting and joining in discussions are not just passers-by, but rather people who really want to be here.

Considering the desired target content on this forum, its probably
appropriate to define the terms and conditions of use upfront. Please read this carefully as this is what will govern this forum's use.

Terms and conditions of use

1. Use of the forum is free.

2. All intellectual property ("IP") posted belongs to the person who
posted that information (or who originally created it, if different).
Ideas and IP are posted here for purposes of sharing, collaboration
and development. We do not steal each other's ideas.

3. No qualifications are required to participate. What is required
from all members is creativity, energy and vision.

As use grows, these may require revision, so comments are welcome.

How do I join?

If you've already received an invitation, click on the link below to register with Google Groups and you will automatically be able to enter the forum.

If you haven't specifically been invited and you would love to participate and contribute - register as above and then click on the "Sign in and apply for membership" on this same page.

Click here to get started -> The OutThink discussion forum

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