Thursday, September 6, 2007

Does Amatomu digg this?

Had two bizarre online encounters a little earlier which, despite the surging growth of blogs and aggregators in SA and abroad, baffle my little cranium:

1. Reading the "Thought Leader" blogs, I noticed I was easily able to "Digg this" post that I was reading, but I wasn't able to "schmaak this". With the definite [if not obvious] link between TL and Amatomu [via one of SA's front-footed media companies], surely it should be the other way around. Or perhaps I'm just missing something?

2. When I decided that I did in fact digg the post [as trying to schmaak it was beyond me at that point], I was confronted by the following spelling check error on's site:

For those who can't read the small print, it says that "blogging" is not in the dictionary. Of all the places that the term "blogging" is not recognised, I would hardly have thought that Digg would be one.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

[Just for the record, I am a fan of digg, Amatomu and Thought Leader as they are all quality sites; and yes, I don't have the buttons yet either - its still a work in progress]

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