Monday, September 17, 2007

Forget % growth, exponential growth is in

Many companies' realities [and budgets] reflect % growth. And sure, there's practicality in this. After all, growth off a high base can be more difficult than growth off a small base [20% growth on R100 million is much more to achieve than 20% growth on R1 million].

But why think in %'s. Yes, 20% growth on R100 million is probably very difficult. It probably requires thinking about a number of challenging initiatives, streamlining the business, adding a few new products... blah, blah, blah.

Thinking about exponential growth will change your reality! Not 30% more profit - how about tripling profit? A few new products probably won't help, nor will cutting some costs, or relocating. This requires a major mindshift.

The QTCE here: What can our company do to triple our profits in the next year?

The answers will not be easy. The question might even be too much for any manager or director to ask [fear, perhaps?]. But in exploring the possibilities, you may just stumble on something far bigger than you could ever achieve chasing after mere % growth.

So what if you fail trying... so what if you only grow profits by 47.6% instead of by 3x? Imagine the lessons learned.

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