Thursday, September 13, 2007

The question that changes everything

How often have you said something or been asked something, and all of a sudden.. a light goes on?

They say that words can change lives. We all know the power of the tongue... one of mankind's greatest assets [and weapons].

As I've been going on about in this blog for a while now, I believe change is an absolute, unequivocal necessity for our country to flourish to its true potential. And with that... I'm interested to see whether the power of words can truly challenge and change realities.

Open your mind. Consider - the question that changes everything... question, asked with sincerity, that digs to the heart of an issue and challenges the reality that we accept on a daily basis - and then turns it upside down!!

On that note, can we unlock the right questions for us to move forward and innovate? Any contributions are welcome, and I'll be looking at the best forum to make this more accessible and collaborative in the near future, but for now it starts here.

So I'll get the ball rolling with one of the better questions I've heard recently, one which many companies should be asking themselves [particularly as SA plays catch up in the global technology game]:

What would you do to survive if your competitors' products were free?

Yes, there are certainly follow up questions to this, and no - I don't expect you to answer the question here. Just think about it.

Please. Business leaders. Young entrepreneurs. Experienced innovators. Just think about it.

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