Sunday, September 30, 2007

The search for strategies and tools to stimulate economic and social revival in South Africa

That's the best way I can describe where I'm going with this.

With all the talk of why we do things and where we're going, I realised that I haven't made that very clear here. So to give a little more direction at home, so to speak, I've adopted this as the OutThink tagline. Hence the new line under the logo above [inspired by the humble tag cloud].

Each word is significant:

  • SEARCH - its a journey, not a destination, and there isn't one right answer [never will be]
  • STRATEGIES - the big picture is what really matters [sometimes it is easily lost sight of]
  • TOOLS - we still need to action them, it can't happen on its own
  • STIMULATE - stir, generate, revitalise, make-happen
  • ECONOMIC - finances are not the most important thing in life, but do facilitate many things
  • SOCIAL - nothing matters more than people
  • REVIVAL - a new thing, complete change required, for such a time as this
  • SOUTH AFRICA - there's no place like home [we were put here for a reason]

This is something that's worth getting worked up about! I sure am.

Perhaps this will put my crazy questioning and psychotic ranting into a bit of perspective. I really hope you will enjoy reading [most] of it, and would love to hear from anyone with any comments or thoughts on this.

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