Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just when I thought I was starting to understand...

...they went and changed the rules.

Saw this link to my site here today [in case you can't read it - OutThink features as #1 under 'Today's Recommended Blogs'] - this list is sorted by "Fastest Gain in SocialRank". Really?

Yeah, I love writing and always wanted to have my voice heard out there, but in reality I know the readership here is still, well, not huge. Those guys in MindValley must be on something :-) Still, its always a blast to see your blog featured high somewhere, so I'll enjoy the moment while I can. Thanks SocialRank and dailyvoices and the brains at MindValley. [Has anyone told them about all the other blogs listed on Amatomu and Afrigator yet?]

However, in the end quantity is totally irrelevant - its the quality that counts. So here's to what I hope will be quality content all the way.

And thanks for reading. Much appreciated!


Justin Hartman said...

I hadn't even heard of socialrank until now. Thanks man and well done on the #1 spot!

Darren said...

Thanks Justin! I had heard of SocialRank before in passing, but honestly... there are many awesome South African blogs out there that should rightfully be in that spot, so I'm still wondering how the ranking works. Must still be in its teething phase. Glad to see you up and running - trust you've managed to shake off the cobwebs now.