Sunday, October 7, 2007

The school of hard knocks for aspiring entrepreneurs

Nice post by "Thought Leader" Beverley Merriman on the challenges entrepreneurs face, well worth a read - particularly for the five tips which are more about the social/mental/life aspects of starting a business than traditional advice.

My thoughts on the entrepreneurial challenges faced in SA are here.

I still believe the solution is right at our fingertips, and its just a matter of working it out the right way. This is a common third-world problem - imagine what an impact South Africa could have on the developing world if we could button this down and then teach it into the other struggling countries! Just imagine the possibilities...

PS - I love the description on Beverley's profile - "ideas magician". What a stunning phrase! Nice one, Beverley!


Nils said...

Hello from Denmark! Good blog!

FeistyFemale said...

Thanks for the great review!

Really happy you loved it. It makes writing so much more enriching if you know people enjoy and appreciate it.

Ideas magician is almost as cool as "Out Think". Great title!

Darren said...

Thanks nils - Hi from SA.
And thank you too Beverley, nice to have you here! I look forward to reading more on your experience and thoughts.