Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seeing a little more clearly now - at long last

My favourite book says it well - "Without vision, the people perish". Experience has taught me how true this is.

The past six [oh wait, seven - how time flies] months have been quite extraordinary to say the least. And there have been times where vision has been... well, lacking. Faith has been tested, the fire has been hot and its been an exhilirating ride [although I can't say I would ever choose it intentionally, but hindset is 20/20].

However, the past few weeks have brought with it a slightly clearer vision. Let me put it this way - I've got some of the puzzle pieces. I have only a slight idea of what a portion of the picture looks like, and no idea how many pieces there are... but I've got some of the puzzle pieces! It's an awesome feeling, so forgive my excitement.

In these few weeks I've met some amazing people [some of those listed alongside, and another of those meetings this morning, which I'll elaborate on another time] and come to understand more clearly how true it is that you need to "go" [to the people, to the nations, to wherever] to really change your perspective. Let's face it: sitting in an office on your own all day will kill your vision. Guaranteed. But seeing the people... talented people, people with MIND-BLOWING potential, people who can impact this country significantly [and probably most importantly, people who's lives you can impact]... it does something to you.

So I'm absolutely psyched to be taking on the challenge. The search is really on... bring it on!


FeistyFemale said...

I have to admit, that this is rapidly becoming my favourite blog to read. There is something about passionate, inspiring people that is completely addictive!

Sitting in an office, or even working alone it NOT good for motivation, inspiration and positive energy. But thanks to the net, the world is but a village and broadening your horizons so much easier.

I have to agree that "mind-blowing potential", and making a difference in this world, as well as seeing endless possibility is a fulfilling and exciting experience - almost like adding missing pieces to further enrich your life.

Keep up with the awesome blog!

Darren said...

Thanks Feisty! What an awesome compliment coming from you. I'm at a loss for words...