Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The 3D approach to improving your focus

Why is focus such an elusive little thing in today's world?

I've been seriously challenged in terms of focus - and thinking through some thoughts on this from a truly awesome friend of mine recently brought me to the following realisation:

In terms of cause and effect, focus is not a 'cause' as I always mistakenly thought, but rather an 'effect'. A symptom, if you will, that requires a good foundation in place to build on.

Picture a pyramid - 3 corners at the base leading up to 'Focus' on top...

1st corner - Discernment
The ability to take in all that the world throws at you and to wisely discern which things are important [as opposed to urgent] and merit your attention.

2nd corner - Decision
Having sifted through the muck and picking out those things which are truly important, being able to make a conscious decision that these are the things you will devote your attention to.

3rd corner - Discipline
Having the clarity in your heart and mind to stick to your decision, ignoring the costly distractions that fly our way all the time.

Without these three corners at the bottom of the pyramid, Focus cannot exist at the pinnacle. So, seems to me that if I can put these 3 things in place, clear focus will naturally follow.

Visionaries will change the world. But who cares whether you have big vision or not if you can't focus clearly on anything?

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