Friday, November 9, 2007

Don't take it too seriously, its just business after all...

How do you talk to your clients?

Probably not like Flickr does:

I love that line... makes me smile everytime I log in [even though there's an outside chance it might not be true].

And I get the funny feeling that if many other businesses out there who want my custom didn't take themselves so damn seriously, I'd enjoy them just as much.

Note to self:

  • business is serious.

Just look at this beautifully written piece from Mindvalley. [That is, hands down, the best job application page I have ever read. The guy/girl who wrote that deserves a Nobel prize, or at least some other similar award which tells the world - this is how you're supposed to attract top talent - and retain it!]

Now that's one excellent way to make business fun!

Any other ideas?

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