Monday, December 10, 2007

Finding relevance in an age of difference

It’s what we all look for in life. Relevance. Some sort of meaning to our existence.

But how do you do that in a time where everyone strives to be different? To stand out? To be significant?

Years ago it was easy, when everyone conformed to the same standards, and life was simple. Then, being rebellious was the obvious answer to becoming relevant. Just being different meant that you stood out from the crowd, and that you would be noticed. Regardless of what the issue was.

Now, not so much. There is just too much going on. And everyone wants to be different, in some way or another. There have been thousands of books written on doing things differently, on standing out to those you most want to please. And everyone, including the guy next door and his dog, is doing everything to attract people’s attention.

Well, I don’t know if anyone has the answers in this day and age, since we are bombarded everyday with advertising and marketing expounding the virtues of why XYZ Ltd [or John Smith himself] is the answer to every question we’ve ever had. But can I suggest that amidst all this confusion, there is one thing which matters more than ever before…

… really caring about something. That’s what will set you apart – in a time where there is so much going on, and nobody really knows if you care or not. Being all in is more important than ever before!

If you really show a deep understanding and concern for something, it will be evident to people that matter in that sphere, and will build credibility there [if you don’t really care – please, don’t bother - save everyone the time and hassle, and just move on]. But if you really care, don’t be afraid to show it, and to be who you are – the results will be evident, and success will occur naturally. Your true concern for something is what will set you apart and make you relevant!

So what do you really care about?


Justin Hartman said...

Yeah I like your take on this Darren. I read the other day some post that detailed 15 startup tips and one of them was don't do it because you want money - do it because you're passionate about it.

He goes on to say that money is a by-product of your passion and success and I subscribe to that thinking myself - now just to make the money :)

Yusuf Mahomedy said...

An insightful post. There are many wannabe different organisations and individuals that are really the old guard in dressed up in new clothes. Those that are truly different can still stand out in the market & caring is a differentiator in a class of its own.

Darren said...

Justin - LOL, very good. Keep the faith man, good things come to those who wait [and do things for the right reason, as you seem to be].

Yusuf - thanks for the feedback. I hear what you're saying, and perhaps thats because truly caring has become so rare that, like you say, it is a differentiator itself.