Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why customers really are the only thing that matters

We’ve all heard the phrase “The customer is always right”. I’ve seen many business people getting very upset at the mention of this, and in some cases where customers totally abuse their relationship with a company, it is justified. After all, how can the customer always be right when it’s our business. Our product. Our vision!

Admittedly, I like the idea of “firing bad customers” [and there are definitely instances where this is called for], but all I’m saying is that, before you go ahead and do this, ask yourself whether that really is the best or only solution to the problem.

The bottom line is this – customers are the only thing that matters.

[The rest of the business merely consists of details required in fulfilling the company’s services to its customers.]

Without customers, there is no revenue. Without revenue, there is no business. Simple.

But if we’re talking about innovation, perhaps then it’s an entirely different story…

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