Friday, March 21, 2008

Basketball. It's not just a game.

I'm thrilled to say that a new project I'm involved in - - is now live.

Victor Shakineza, a friend and teammate of mine from back in the day [and one of the fastest players I've ever played with or against], set up a website called last year to try provide news and results relating to the South African basketball scene - something which has been sorely lacking here even though basketball gained a lot of popularity here from as early as 1992, when the infamous Dream Team wowed the world at the Barcelona Olympic Games that year.

Information about all the basketball in SA is not easy to come by, but Victor, along with Nenad Jovanovic, did a solid job of providing somewhere that players and fans could get some information. Despite the fact that the site was a web 1.0 site that provided little opportunity for interaction and was difficult to update regularly, they attracted a relatively large audience.

A little while ago, I approached Victor to see if we could take what he had built to the next level, and I must thank him for letting me get involved.

Since we're trying to build a community and make interaction easy, a blog was the most obvious choice. It's a community initiative with no specific funding at this stage, so we opted for and a redirect from the primary site for now, although this will probably change as it grows and develops.

Certainly there are still some issues to deal with, such as how to make it easy to post and keep track of scores and results, but we're convinced that what we've done now is the first step on the way to making this the number one SA basketball website.

Please visit us at, and if you have friends who are interested, please direct them there - we can only grow this and get more information with your help.

Personallly I'm thrilled to once again be involved in the game that I love, and I believe that this will only go from strength to strength.

It's not just a game!

P.S. White men can jump

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