Monday, March 3, 2008

Forget old school, we need some new school

We now live in a world where life-long learning has replaced the life-long career. It’s anticipated that people will change jobs four to seven times in their lifetime, and anywhere between 50% and 80% of the jobs that will exist in 10 years time do not exist today.

WOW! The world has changed. Is changing! Rapidly!!

Naturally, this has BIG implications for the future [future leaders included] meaning that we have to think about this sooner rather than later.

Here is an absolutely astounding TED talk - Ken Robinson challenges the level of creativity in schools. Listen to that and you will understand why we need to see significant changes in the way we teach young people… especially since the system we currently have produces results where “many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not.”

Is there no way we can look at things differently? Perhaps find a way to pull collaboration and creativity into an education system that is increasingly falling short of its primary objective? Look at a whole fresh new set of “outcomes”. Perhaps there is a way to revolutionise our entire approach to education and at the same time better equip young students and future leaders for the world that awaits them [as opposed to the world from several decades/centuries ago].

Forget old school. I think we need a bit of New Scool. What do you think?

*!Watch this space!*

[now that you’re done reading, go back two paragraphs, click on the TED talk link. and listen to it!]


Diana said...

Hi Darren

What a pity the boffins in Education haven't caught on to this.

Schools are producing vast numbers of youngsters who cannot spell, cannot read (let alone with comprehension!),
can't add two figures without a calculater and who have atrocious handwritings.

We currently have a severely flawed education system. This , together with a high level of teacher negativity/inability/don't give-a-hoot-attitude is putting an entire generation at risk.

I shake my head in disbelief when the debate about the shortage of teachers is on. What shortage? There are thousands of well qualified teachers in the country who have been unable to get jobs in the past because of the bizarre method of appointing educators because they can coach sport!
These teachers generally come form the era when children still actually mastered reading, writing and arithmetic. To me it makes perfect sense that they be employed in the foundation and intermediate phases to establish a solid foundation on which the modern creative and enriching method can build.

I believe it is high time that sport and cultural activities be channeled through organised clubs and run by professional coaches and instructors - thus giving schools the opportunity of employing suitably qualified academic and technical educators that will stimulate the learners and will have enough time to keep up with technology, the latest trends and have enough time to spend with their families!

Seeing that the powers that be have not even been able to sort out the basic problems, how on earth will they have the insight to restore discipline, solve the cell phone and violence problems at schools, insist on good manners, instill a measure of patriotism (which is seriously lacking in SA) and help build a nation of honest and hardworking citizens with the ability to achieve greatness?

It is a fact that a dedicated, motivated and positive teacher can achieve excellent results in virtually any system. Passion and creativity have the ability to produce miracles.

SOLID foundation, sound BASIC values, NEW school and NEW mindset - I'm, all for it!

Darren said...

Wow Diana, brilliant input, thank you! It's great to hear from people who are passionate about this, and I would love to see that passion going to work.

Perhaps if we can start exploring practical ways that these types of ideas can be put into action, the 'powers that be' might cotton onto it.

And if not, perhaps there is a viable business in it, much as private schools have arisen, that could make these changes a reality. Thanks for your contribution here, it is greatly appreciated!