Thursday, March 6, 2008

A stark reminder of where we are

Although I could not, even by a large stretch of the imagination, be described as a fan of Llewellyn Kriel's writing, reading this final Thought Leader post of his [after picking it up on muti], was quite sobering. Personal safety is a major concern for everyone, and I hope Mr Kriel will find a more peaceful life out of the spotlight.

I believe in our country and hold great hope for its future. But that reference to this country includes every person living here, not just select individuals or groups of people - we need to be a nation that supports each other and builds together. We cannot afford an us versus them scenario - on this tiny marble called Earth, we are already the "them" to every other country's "us", and there is absolutely no freakin' way that this can change if we are consumed with in-fighting.

Reading Llewellyn's post is hugely unsettling, and that's why its worth reading - just as a reminder of the large obstacles that we, as a country, still need to overcome. And while we all know they exist, I don't in any way believe that they are insurmountable [even if logic and feeling tells us they are].

I still believe. I still care. It's not easy, I know you don't find it easy either. And I trust you do still believe and care too, because that's the only way we can change this!

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