Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's not all doom and gloom in SA

With all the challenges that have come our way recently such as load-shedding, interest rate hikes, petrol and food price increase, soaring inflation data and muted growth expectations, it has admittedly left many of us wondering what will happen next.

Despite all this, I am still fundamentally positive about SA's future, but it's good to hear that certain economic experts share that outlook, particularly when the economic indicators would generally be used as ammunition to state otherwise. Here's a Fin24 article noting some of the less-often mentioned positive aspects, quoting Econometrix chief economist Dr Azar Jammine.

We should not focus on the negative [although we must learn from our current situation and mistakes]. But let's rather focus on the opportunities and positive effects - they do exist!

Also, have a look at this from one of Thought Leader's newer bloggers, Miriam Mannak - a positive view of SA from a foreigner living here [who, may I add, is writing the way that Thought Leader's ought to write]. It's actually rather refreshing.

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6000 said...

Absolutely. We're not all doom and gloom merchants out there, you know?
Just that the moany ones tend to shout louder, sadly.