Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SA blook - meet the authors

Here it is - a first look at some of the awesome writers that have agreed to take part in the SA blook.

One criticism often levelled against blogging and bloggers is that anyone can do it, and therefore the quality of writing in blogs is generally rather poor [here's a humorous take on this by Wired]. Although there is some truth to this, I must say that since I started blogging, I have come across a number of brilliant blogs, with writing that is both easy and enjoyable to read. So to the critics all I can say is: Don't generalise - there are some bloggers out there who have real talent and skill.

While it is impossible to include all the good SA bloggers in a project like this, I'm proud to say that our team for this one consists of some absolutely brilliant writers.

So without further ado, here are the bloggers taking part, in no particular order [since I would only do them injustice by trying to describe them myself, I have also included links to more information about each of them]:

In addition to the above awesome writers, there are two more that are in the process of being finalised and will be unveiled within the next week.

While each writer has their own distinct style and opinion, I believe all these writers have one common characteristic being their positive outlook on our current environment and willingness to explore ways in which to shape our future into something stunning.

I have to say it again - I'm absolutely astounded by the quality of writers taking part and could never have imagined when I started that this would include writers of their calibre - so to all those taking part, all I can say is "Wow, thank you!".

I'll be posting the theme of the blook early next week and some more details about how it will be put together. I look forward to seeing what will come of it, and hope you'll enjoy it too!

If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please leave a comment - it would be great to hear from you.


Emil said...

Hi Darren, great idea. I wish you well and look forward to the end result. Will we be privvy to extracts as the book develops?

Darren said...

Thanks for the wishes Emil! Much appreciated. Whatever happens, it should be fun and interesting, so I'm looking forward to it too. As for extracts, don't think it will work. The plan is for everyone to post on the same day, and since I won't see anyone's until the day, no-one else will either I suppose, unless they decide to give a sneak peek... we'll have to see :)

Vincent said...

Well man; good luck sounds like a great idea to encourage the meeting of minds.

I wish you all the best; and will hold thumbs I get into that exclusive club one day.

Darren said...

Thanks Vincent. Yes, we're hoping to encourage some great things through this.

Exclusive club? Have a look at the complete listing and you'll see there are five volunteers amongst the authors, which I'm pretty thrilled about because it means we have writers who want to contribute to it.

Could've been 6... :)