Thursday, May 3, 2007

Graphic designers in training

I've said that this should be a forum for sharing ideas, so here is the first one. [Please use the link alongside called "What's the big idea" which will link to blog posts marked as ideas.]

In considering how to get a logo designed for another company I deal with, I was challenged to find an alternative way to get a logo designed.

Consider this - a competition open to all interested students (and teachers too?) at selected high schools. Their challenge would be to design a logo for submission to the company, with details about the company, its business, target market, etc given to them. All designs are submitted to the company's directors to make the final decision. For the winner - prize money [eg R1,000] and the satisfaction of seeing your design in use as a company's logo. For the company - substantial visibility [particularly where the target market consists of school students], a spectacular [should be!] logo design, and access to a large number of possible future recruits [goodbye HR recruitment problems].

Simple. maybe. But still a win - win!

Subsequent to this, I came across a story about a very interesting company - Logoworks - which has really applied an incredible model to widening the sphere of design creativity available. Yuo should read the fascinating "How I did it" story of the founder, Morgan Lynch.

New era. Great model. Amazing success. We could learn a thing or two here.

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