Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When £40,000 is just a drop in the ocean...

I was going through an old magazine and came across a fascinating story which really does prove the theory about hindsight. And about how wrong the 'experts' [aka cynics] can be.

Then - From '.net' magazine, December 1995 issue:
"Money made over the Net shocker - Cynics say that the only way to make money out of the Net is to run a seminar telling people how to make money out of the Net, but Virgin has proved them wrong. The Megastore shop on CompuServe has received orders for more than £40,000 of music CDs, games and videos in 23 weeks. It's not nearly in the same league as the high street, but it's getting there."

Now - From Google's Fiscal Year 2006 results:
Revenues for the year $ 10.6 billion
Net income for the year $ 3.1 billion

Well, I wonder what those cynics have to say now. Lesson learned - if you believe in something, don't let the experts, or anybody for that matter, tell you its impossible. You might just be right.

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