Thursday, May 24, 2007

What is a new business?

A new business / company is... an opportunity

... to re-invent an industry

...... to design a new life for an individual

.......... to revolutionise your community and country

A new business is also

an exciting opportunity [EXCITEMENT, INC.]

and potentially a new lease on life.

For all the hardened veterans out there who have all the battle scars - you can stop laughing now. Even if you don't see it this way now, its the way it should be! If you don't believe it, perhaps you need to take a year off and reassess what's really important in life.

Okay, all you young, wide-eyed, uninitiated hopefuls out there - don't think that all these ideals and aspirations don't come with risk attached, either. We can't live in fantasy world, but if we can acknowledge the reality of the situation and still try to change the world ... yeah baby!

Real entrepreneurs aside, Western culture has seen a new breed of "entrepreneur" [I use the term loosely] rise up in the Venture Capitalist - something I admit I previously aspired to. For anyone who is even remotely interested in this, I highly recommend reading this article on the Venture Capital Aptitude Test by Guy Kawasaki. Then do the test. The questions drive home just what a mindshift some young aspiring entrepreneurs need.

Now my intention with this is not to put off yuong business hopefuls. In fact, its the opposite - I want us to see what's really important. Not sitting in a boardroom making decisions based on an Excel spreadsheet and some fancy business school model. Its about getting out there, getting your hands dirty and experiencing the reality of what we're living in. Some are made for it, some aren't. I intend finding out which category I fit into.

P.S. I scored a 6. Wonder if I should put that on my CV?


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