Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Great Business Growth Enigma

Many a business has sprung forth from the imaginative genius of an entrepreneurial architect. And looking around today, its easy to find small one-man [or several person] businesses... and big, BIG businesses which successfully made the transition over a period of time [generally several decades].

This is not an easy, or pleasant process, as many would note, and takes careful planning, smart execution and without doubt - an element of luck.

One of the companies I deal with is currently in the process of trying to make this jump. It seems to me that to make this happen requires a serious shift in mindset for all involved...

so the big questions is:

It's all about choice, but as an entrepreneur - to make the big jump - how do you choose something which defies every bone in your body and every action you've taken to build your business from scratch?

Performance: To come this far, you've had to believe in something nobody could see, take chances, make some educated guesses [and possibly some un-educated ones too?] and strive to be different, to succesfully differentiate from other competitors out there - to attract the best talent, make the best product or provide the best service, and be nothing short of scintillating.

Conformance: Now, being BIG doesn't require anything other than being efficient, economical and streamlining your business in every possible way. But what does that mean? Cost cutting? Saving? Being conservative and not saying what you want, when you want? Hardly the makings of a scintillating experience... but it does bring stability, fairness, steadiness. All those characteristics that make BIG companies big... and unfortunately cover them in red-tape too.

Certainly this is not an easy step to take for any entrepreneur or small business. I don't know how one would successfully balance the two - or is it simply a case of choosing one or the other? Sacrificing creativity, flair, attitude for size, stability and control?

I'll explore this one again soon...

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