Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wolves in sheeps' clothing

Problems, problems, problems...

Every day seems to be greeted by volumes of new ones arriving on our doorstep, taking the wind out of our sails just as we seem to be seeing the end of our "old" problems.

Does this sound familiar to you. Certainly, an easy mindset to slip into in a challenging environment. But that's not what we're here for, is it?

As the old saying goes, problems are just opportunities in disguise. And how much more true is that here in South Africa, where [not problems, but] opportunities abound.

And where do strong business ideas stem from - opportunities, not so?

In my rose-tinted, opportunistic little mind, I can see three huge opportunities for South Africans right now [someone surely said this about the security industry several years back when all anybody else saw was violence - and look what the security industry has done].

1. Energy [alternative energy, to be precise. Yes its expensive right now, but it won't always be!]

2. Transport [my view, thanks largely to driving from Pretoria to Johannesburg on "the busiest highway in the Southern Hemisphere" for much of the past six years]

3. Education [with a total of about 45 million potential "customers", how can this not be an opportunity]

Here is Google Trends' results on searches for these items in SA [education coming up much stronger despite Eskom's not-so-recent um... shortcomings]:

The reason these are close to my heart? Each one has the possibility of significantly changing the quality of life for millions of people.

Next step... what are the AWESOME WOW opportunities in these areas that will make a difference? Anybody?

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