Friday, July 20, 2007

Here we grow again...

And on the subject of growth just discussed... it seems like one of the world's largest growth engines has found a working formula, although the road is not without its bumps.

For a company its size, Google has managed to generate phenomenal levels of growth. As this recent article on the company's results suggests, the company's investment in a key resource - staff - is the main driver behind this.

How else can a company of this size justify such a large increase in staff - they certainly break the mould be viewing their staff as an investment rather than a cost. Sure, lots of companies say they do this, and then they proceed to quibble over marginal inflation-based increases [really, what does inflation have to do with an individual company's growth or value generated?].

So yes, Google "blew it" on overspending on staff. I say WELL DONE! Profits are awesome, but they are building into the future rather than just trying to maximise their current results.

We as South African businesses [sadly we are not amongst the most innovative nations in the world - could this be why?] can certainly learn from this.

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