Wednesday, November 28, 2007

27... and loving it

Well, well, well. I was fortunate enough to attend the Jo’burg 27 dinner last night, and it was quite an evening. And the quality of the company was eye-opening, to say the least.

Although it started off being a 27 dinner by candlelight, personally I think this just added to the atmosphere and provided a great time of getting to know each other beforehand, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And while there were [unfortunately] some casualties due to the darkness, it seemed that everyone who stayed on was rewarded.

As an aside, looking around, I couldn’t help getting the feeling that no insurance company in their right mind would ever insure an evening/event like that [think along the lines of corporates that demand that their top executives never fly on the same plane – the risk is too high of losing too much] – so, virtual 27, here we come [just kidding Mike – its much more fun meeting people face-to-face].

Speaking of meeting people face-to-face, it’s good to be able to put faces and personalities to the names at long last. The highlight for me was finally meeting my favourite ideas magician. Bev made the long trip from George with Stii, who was present for the Afrigator re-union [see Nic’s great pic here, which Justin has also picked up].

What really fascinated me throughout the evening was watching some people who had never met each other, but who had often interacted online, picking up on the relationships as if they had known each other for ages. Says something about the value of Brand You [and the new way of building it], doesn't it?

As for the evening’s content, Afrigator’s big reveal was the main drawcard, so to speak. I’m not the most qualified person to comment on the features and changes here, so suffice it to say that my interest is stirred by the fact that I think this team has yet to find the most valuable applications of what they’ve developed here.

And that’s the real stunning part in all of this to me personally… the immense potential [of everyone there]! Hold on to your hats, fellas, its going to be an awesome ride.


Charl said...

Ye your right, the quality of company was excellent, had a great time

Stii said...

Awesome meeting you mate! Hopefully very soon again!

Darren said...

Charl, me too. We met very briefly, hope to chat longer next time.

Stii, keep up the fantastic work! Maybe meet on your side of the world next time.