Monday, December 3, 2007

Failure 101 - a lesson from the great one

If you feel like you fail too often, or you're scared of failing, or even that you just don't know what it will take to succeed from where you are now, please, PLEASE watch this brilliant clip with one of the greatest professional athletes of all time [in my mind, the greatest].

I first saw this Nike advert about 10 years ago [guesstimate], and its stuck with me ever since. Just the way Michael Jordan puts it - absolutely mind-blowing when taken in context that he could be considered, by those stats to be a huge failure - but he has used it to spur him on to greatness. I find it very encouraging, and hope you do too.

[here's the link to the video]


Stii said...

Wow! I'm a big fan of failing forward. It is quite liberating accepting failure and learning from it. It is a bad culture we've grown in where failure is a measurement of your shortcomings. It is crap! Sir Ken Robinson said: “If you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original.” I love that!

Darren said...

Thanks Stii. Totally agree! I like the quote too - could be why as a country we're struggling so much now, people in high places too scared to try something that might work, because they have too much to lose - becomes a self-defeating cycle. Wonder how we can break it.