Friday, December 21, 2007

SA rocks. Believe it.

"Just this week, JZ became president of the ANC, and not by a small margin either. And while some commentators [and bloggers] believe this has little relevance to us, I think in times to come we will look back and see the real importance of this change."

Amidst all the talk around what happened this week, very little has been positive, which really gets to me. Everything in life is a choice - including how we choose to look at things happening around us. For a slightly different angle on the current situation, please read the rest of the post quoted above in Momentary significance that changes our lives forever.

My thanks go out to Nic for being such a great host, and for so kindly putting this up on SA Rocks. Nic is doing an amazing job with this initiative, and it really shows the true meaning of "Proudly South African". Please head over there and support this great site [and get a cool badge at the same time, if you don't already have one]. Let's show the world what we already know - that SA rocks.

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