Thursday, December 20, 2007

Old media, meet New media [intro courtesy of Twingly]

Here's a fascinatingly obvious concept - merging old media news stories with the blogs that are talking about them - thereby highlighting the social talk surrounding these traditional news stories. Well done to Twingly and the Times for putting this in place [its the first time I've spotted it, although it might have been around a while already].

Here's a brief glimpse of how the links appear on a Times' article:

While new media has taken off and articles are often dugg, muti'd or otherwise tagged, I believe this development will stimulate the transition to new media commentaries and articles for those who have found themselves glued to the traditional larger media house websites and stories.

Freedom, at last!

This is just another step along the way to growing awareness and increasing social news platforms - but a significant step nonetheless. Today, old media - tomorrow, the world.

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