Monday, December 17, 2007

Selling cars the Vodacom way

...aka "How to irritate Eskom and vehicle manufacturers in one easy step"

How do you make cars a commodity like cellphones have now become? Yip, you guessed it - buy the [alternative] fuel, get the car free.

Here's the low-down on Free cars by The Long Tail. How long before it actually takes off is anyone's guess. However, while SA has not always been an early adopter of technology or ideas, we've often been a very quick adopter once it gets going.

This may sound ridiculous right now, but think about what a problem this is becoming throughout the world. And for SA, we all know the high levels of traffic that currently exist [ie a huge car market] as well as the deep impact of the petrol price on each of us.

Maybe its not so far away after all.

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