Friday, April 25, 2008

To let the cat out of the bag... or not....

I'm thrilled to say there are some awesome bloggers/writers confirmed to take part in the SA blook, although I'm still looking for suitable bloggers for a couple of topics I would like to include in addition to those already taken.

Not surprisingly, it seems that people are more interested in who is writing than in what the blook is actually about [one of the great characteristics of a social community]. Over the past week I've had a lot of queries via e-mail and twitter asking who the bloggers are... and so far haven't revealed to anyone.

Although I will be posting more details about the theme and how it will work soon, my question is this - Should I reveal who the bloggers are before the blook is published online, or leave it as a surprise?

I would prefer to leave it until it is published, the reason being that the final product will be a true reflection of a blook written with completely different viewpoints and expertise. Although a part of me would like to publish the names because I believe the bloggers/writers deserve a great amount of credit for agreeing to take part in this experiment, not knowing what will come of it, I also think there is more fun for everyone in not knowing... and the reading, links and credit will come soon.

What do you think? Reveal before, or only reveal when published?

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