Friday, July 4, 2008

Regator, what's up???

Today we were hit with this news about, which appears to be a not-very-well disguised clone of SA's own [Justin, Mike, Stii, Mark... we know it's yours, so forgive me calling it SA's for purposes of this post].

On one hand it's absolutely terrible, in that the idea is clearly based on Afrigator [admittedly I have not seen the inner-workings or functioning of Regator, since I'm not going to sign on for the beta - the welcome page is clear enough], but c'mon, how likely is it that someone else would put alligator and aggregator together? And I won't comment on the name.

Okay, now the positive side... this little matter is definite proof that SA has leaders in the field of online development that others globally are now following. I've been saying for a while that SA needs more focus on our opportunities arising from technology, and this to me is one of the early signs that the world is starting to take notice of good ideas coming from our part of the world.

I'm also glad that people are making some noise about it. If Regator is legit, hopefully they will have the decency to at least address the issue and comment on the inane similarities. Well gents, what do you say?

Update: Regator has replied to Justin on his post - here. Great to see it is being addressed.

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